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      What's New?

July 4, 2003

WAVES National now has a Calendar of events!
Meetings, notices, and important events will be posted on an ongoing basis by WAVES National President Barb Turner and Public Relations Chairwoman Dassa Carvey. 

May 1, 2003

Although it may not seem much different the WAVES National Guestbook has been completely rebuilt (after many, many hours of converting the old book).   We were having trouble with "junk" entries with bad links that had nothing to do with the ideas behind the web site so we went to this new guestbook.  New guestbook entries will not appear immediately but should be added within 24hrs.

 [There still may be some maintenance issues to address with the new guestbook but we have completed the major work].

February 2, 2003

WAVES National now has the Membership Application available from this web site!  There is also a USS Cole Memorial Scholarship college application that is downloadable (note: deadline is March 31st).

July 19, 2002

We redesigned the WAVES LINKS page with a few more local WAVES Units pages up on the web we decided to do some landscaping of this page.  We have several good links now and hope to be including many more in the near future.  If you have a site that you would like to recommend please feel free to e-mail us and we'll take it up for consideration on the next update.

July 15, 2002

WAVES National Membership Application is on the web!  Print out the WAVES National Membership Application, attach your proof of military service records and join the WAVES National organization.  The $10 membership fee includes a subscription the "White Caps" newsletter which is published six times per year.

March 17, 2002

The WAVES National Convention 2002 will be held in Portland, Oregon in August!  Get all of the dates, details, contacts, schedule of events and other information on the convention here!

March 3, 2002

Women of the WAVES is now proud to offer each WAVES National Unit a web page to post local unit news and announcements!  You can submit a request for a news page for your own WAVES National Unit on our Local News page.

Inland Northwest WAVES Unit #140 out of Washington State is our first Local News page entry.  We welcome aboard editor Delores Walk and her crew! 
                            Thanks to Delores Walk for being the Local News "tester"

February, 2002

The redesign of a few pages took place in February, most noticeably to the Guestbook section.  We are always working on the web site and appreciate any comments you have in regards to it.  You can send us your comments directly or from the Comments page.  If you haven't already signed the guestbook please do so, it is important to our volunteer editors to have that acknowledgement.

January 15, 2002

Read the  January/February  edition of SHORELINES!  This 6 page newsletter for the cold winter months of 2002 has interesting articles, coming events, along with several other informative news stories.  

December 16, 2001

News Articles is the latest addition to the web site.  We only have one story posted now but we would like to add more articles on women veterans from around the country. 

If you have any that you think should be posted please feel free to send them to us via e-mail:

January 19, 2001

We have received a lot of requests for information on various people and topics and now we a forum for your requests.  We are excited to introduce TWO new Message Board pages today.  You can now write and post messages for others to read and reply to.

(1) Message Board = our "all purpose" message board to post all general messages.

(2) Looking for? .........Message Board = a message board for those of you looking for an old friend  you served with in the WAVES or other sea services branch ...... or anyone else you are seeking out.

December 18, 2000

We are pleased to announce ...... the NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS page!  Get all of the latest news postings from WAVES National personnel.  News postings are listed on this page in a chronological manner for easy to follow updates.  Barb Turner leads the group of editors of the News & Announcements page. 

August 25, 2000

WAVES National Call to Convention 2000 information is posted in an open letter from WAVES National President Jan Roy.  The Convention Agenda is also posted for the 
Sept. 7-9 dates.

August 13, 2000 pays tribute to the memory of   Frieda Mae Green Hardin 
the World War I veteran, who at the age of 101, gave perhaps the most emotional speech at the Women In Military Service for America (WIMSA) Memorial Dedication in 1997.  
Frieda Mae Green Hardin recently passed away at the age of 103 years, but her memory is still strong with all of us who were present that day in 1997 in Washington D.C. 

June 5, 2000 introduces a new page called WAVES USA!  
It is an easy to use map listing all of the WAVES Units across the U.S.A.   It should be a good resource for information on the WAVES in your area of the country.  Let us know what you think of it by dropping us a line at: or better yet, don't be so shy and sign our guestbook!

On this day we also put up a page that has the text from the July 30, 1942 Act that established the Women's Reserves.  

April 2, 2000

COMMENTS page for your comments, questions, suggestions, problems with the Web site, etc., has been added to the Web site.  These comments will be sent to the Web designer and then will be responded to and/or forwarded to the necessary person.

March 8, 2000

A spectacular salute to women veterans can be seen in the newly renovated PROFILES section. Much in part to the wonderful contributions and efforts of Delores Walk from Washington State, the PROFILES section includes many autobiographical stories from women veterans.  It is important that these stories be told for the sake of future generations to remember and honor these women.  
We welcome your comments, suggestions and stories: Please sign-in and let others know who you are:

Jan 21, 2000

Our latest renovation to the Web site is the LINKS section.  We have included many more links related to the WAVES and have totally redesigned the appearance of the LINKS section.  

August 8, 1999

The Table of Contents is re-designed.  The  newly updated page has links to all of the other sections of the Web site and a background of WAVES marching at Hunter College.

May 31, 1999

Profile of WAVES ...... updated!
This has been updated with more profiles and stories from WAVES.  Why not add to the history of the WAVES by contributing to this section of the "" Web site so that others may enjoy and carry the story of the WAVES into future generations.  Please send your stories to: 

March 14, 1999

Now SHORELINES Newsletter Back Issues will be available on the Web starting with the January/February 1999 edition.

February 10, 1999

Profile of WAVES
The PROFILES section of is created by you!     Please continue the story of the WAVES with a profile of your life and times in the WAVES (before and after), so that future generations can be proud of you and all other WAVES.   Your profiles can be e-mailed to:  If you have any questions or problems e-mailing your profiles, please let us know.

December 4, 1998

The Oklahoma State University WAVES page
This is a page from the Oklahoma State University (formerly Oklahoma A&M) archives.  It includes a small photo album and a brief history of the WAVES training school there.

November 17, 1998

The Events Schedule Calendar
A calendar of WAVES National Michigan Unit 32 events.  This calendar will be updated as the new Shorelines Newsletters are produced. 

November 15, 1998

The WAVES Links page is now on-line!
Please check out the various Web links by clicking on the above link. 

November 14, 1998
The WAVES Please sign the guestbook!Guestbook is on-line!
Please sign in to our guestbook by clicking on the link.   
Also on this date, we added this UPDATES "What's New" page for all future update notices. 

November - 1998

The WAVES National Michigan Unit 32 Web site is created!  At this point it includes the Shorelines Newsletter Vol. 12 no. 5 for the end of 1998.  It also has a Table of Contents page but no other pages of significance are linked yet.

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