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The Organization for Women of the Sea Services


WAVES National Michigan Unit 32 Newsletter

Dolores Maillette

March/April 2002


March/April  2002

Anchors Aweigh!
Anchors Aweigh!
U.S. Navy band 
Click the flag for music,
[it takes awhile to play]


Directory of Officers


Bettie Johnson

Avis Lowe

Virginia Maitland

Patricia Saint Amour

Marion Grattan

Shirley Bentgen

Victoria Lisenbee


Jan Roy


Bettie’s By-line

Hard to believe it’s almost spring when I’m still waiting for winter. It’s been an odd year weather-wise. Every meeting day has been sunny and bright, unlike most winter travel days.

The April meeting in Grand Rapids sounds interesting. We will hear from a Red Cross worker who spent time in New York during the incident at “Ground Zero.” Our hosting members, in this case Mariann Sielawa, have been finding speakers with a message. Education is an important part of our membership.

Most of you heard that I was going to be on a “Women in the Military” segment on Fox News. The Olympics took some of their audience, so the station canceled the first date. Finally, on February 18th, Presidents’ Day, I got my five seconds of fame. Monica Gayle, the news anchor, did a nice job of presenting military women’s part in history, in three minutes. I taped it, and will share it with those of you who were unable to get it. She did not pick up any profound statements I made, but she did show my home in the background with my memorabilia. The woman in camouflage recently retired from the military after 24 years and a very interesting

career. She transferred from the Navy to the Marines to get more challenging assignments. I’m trying to get her to join WN.

Wanda Kearns will be in sick bay for awhile after undergoing hip replacement surgery on March 4th. Watch out! When she is able to walk well again, there will be no stopping her.

How many of you are planning to go to Portland, Oregon, in August? It is a beautiful city, and the committee is going all out to make it an unforgettable convention.

I’m sorry to report that we lost another member, Norrene Dreffs, from Wayne. She has not attended many meetings recently, but responded when I asked her to take a woman in a wheel chair to the All Service Women’s Luncheon several years ago. Ruth and Carl Gaerig represented Unit 32 at the funeral.

The nominating committee is working to fill a slate of officers for the next two years. If you have never joined this elite group of members, now is your chance. Say “yes” if recruited, or better yet, volunteer to run.

Happy Easter!!
See you in Grand Rapids
on the 6th.

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