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5/17/43 -11/17/45

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I was born March 10, 1923, in Gaston, Oregon. I was raised in Addy, Washington and attended high school in Chewelah, Washington. I attended Holy Names College in Spokane, WA for two years and then worked for one year in the Billing Pool at the Spokane Army Base.

Ten of us is the Billing Pool vowed to join the WAVES as a group. I was the only one who showed up. My sister and three brothers were all in the military -- I had no choice.

We left Seattle on a troop train. There must have been about 50 of us. The car behind us was full of French sailors who could not speak English. The car ahead of us was all Navy Chiefs. It was a fun four days and nights trip.

We were at boot camp at Hunter College in New York for six weeks. It was June and July, very hot and humid, and my bunk was the third one up.

After boot camp I was sent to Norman, Oklahoma for training to be a machinist. From there, after six months training, I was sent to Moffett Field, California where I served as a machinist until the war ended, plus six months.

I made AMM/2c. We worked on Pratt & Whitney engines with civilian men. They were very supportive -- after a week or two of doubts.

San Francisco was where I was mustered out and I stayed and went to school at the University of California in Berkeley. Worked, married, had two children and finally! In 1977 moved back to Spokane. My two children slowly followed me.

I met my second husband, a retired wheat farmer, in 1977. We married in 1978. Sadly, he passed away in 1983.

I am very proud to have served in the Navy. We were useful and we did a good job.

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