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Laura Jean Kennedy DavisLaura Jean Kennedy Davis

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I went in to the Navy for my Boot Training in July, 1945.  I took my training at Hunter College, and also my Hospital corp training there too.

When I graduated from there I was transferred to Great Lakes, where I served in the Hospital. One of the things, a happy thing, that I remember was a young Marine who was on my ward and although he had both legs injured I saw him walk down the aisle with two canes to marry the WAVE he had fallen in love with. Another very sad thing was a very young sailor who had been burned badly from and acid explosion and had lost his eyebrows  parts of his ears and it left him badly scarred. I have often wondered over the years how he was as he was still there when I left. And then, of course, there was the young sailor, whose wife was pregnant and he had her morning sickness every morning for her.

I also remember the good times we had. In Boot training, at Hunter. I made some very special friends there and would love to know if they are still alive and maybe I could hear from them. It was an experience; I have never forgotten during my life.

After leaving Great Lakes I went back in service at Port Columbus Naval Air Station at Port Columbus  Airport, Columbus, Ohio.

I now have 12 grandkids and the oldest was in Air Force and in the first Gulf war. The next to youngest is now having his 3rd time Iraq. He had his 21st  birthday in Afghanistan, his 22nd in Kuwait and his 23rd in Ft. Bragg, and is now back in Iraq, and will-have his 24th birthday there.

I belong to the National Pray Group and have been praying for all our Military and Government officials since 911. I hope a lot of the Military and ex Military will do the same. Thanks for listening!


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