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The Organization for Women of the Sea Services


WAVES National Michigan Unit 32 Newsletter

Dolores Maillette

March/April 2002


March/April 2002

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Grants Boost Fund for USS ADAMS Site on Saginaw River

Grants and donations are boosting the fund being raised to bring the USS Charles F. Adams to Bay City for an educational and tourism site.

On Dec. 24, 2001, the Dow Corning Foundation committed $25,000 toward our project,” said Michael J. Kegley, president of the Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum Committee.

Meanwhile, the State of Michigan has agreed to contribute $10,000 through its Arts, Culture and Quality of Life fund through the efforts of State Rep. A.T. Frank, D-Saginaw, who represents part of Bay County. And Brennan Marine Sales came through with $4,600 representing $50 per boat storage contract.

Grant requests totaling $2.4 million have been sent out by grant writer Joyce Howey, said Richard Janke, director and co-founder of the committee.

“With the assistance of Dr. Raymond Keech, of AuGres, retired Maryland and Michigan educator, we have developed an educational program that complies with the Michigan Educational Standards,” said Mr. Kegley. “We believe this is the key to obtaining more grants.”

- from Naval Ship Museum News

Membership Renewal & SHORELINES Subscription Form

(1 January 2002  to 31 December 2002)

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