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The Organization for Women of the Sea Services


WAVES National Michigan Unit 32 Newsletter

Dolores Maillette

March/April 2002


March/April  2002

Tony M’s—Lansing, Michigan
February 2, 2002

Bettie Johnson welcomed everyone to the meeting. Karen Fussell conducted the Pledge of Allegiance. Everyone recited the Unit 32 pledge. Julia Barrett gave the invocation Luncheon:
Hosted by Eleanor Robinson and Pat Saint Amour.
Secretary’s Report:

Report approved as printed.
Treasurer’s Report:
There is $1,440.22 in the checking account and $820.11 in savings, making a total of $2,260.33. Pat stated that there are 114 members, 18 have not paid dues.
Committee Reports:

Greeting Card Project — Mariann Sielawa not present. Historian/101 Liaison– Ruth Smith reported that historical books are up to date.
Membership– Avis Lowe was not present.
Newsletter—Dolores Maillette was not present.
Ship Museum—Mike Kegley was not present.
Public Relations– Wanda Kearns said nothing to report.
Volunteer Hours– Stella Staley brought forms for hours

Updates from National—Jan Roy:

  • WN President Jan Roy discussed the book she had brought with her entitled USS Arizona Last Band. The band was aboard the ship for four months. All were killed.

  • Jan discussed the April 6th meeting to be held at Brann’s, Grand Rapids. It will cost $10 per person. March 1, 2002 is the deadline for scholarships. Children and grandchildren are eligible.

  • Jan stated that she would be going to Portland, Oregon in February to check out the national convention site. The convention will be August 27-31, 2002 at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Portland. Registration fee is $125 and rooms are $104.

Memorial Service—Bettie Johnson and Julia Barrett
A memorial service was conducted for M Marie Addison and Marion Grattan. A donation was sent to the Great Lakes Museum in their honor.
Unfinished Business
Emergency Medical Forms—Turn them in. Profile—Everyone urged to write her profile.
New Business
Bettie Johnson discussed the WIMSA calendar and Lorraine Dieterle’s book. Bettie Johnson will be appearing on TV Fox 2 channel, February 11, 2002 at 11 p.m.
Nominating Committee Selection
Wanda Kearns, Jan Roy and Eleanor Robinson on committee.
Future Meetings and Events (See “Coming Events” - Pg.2) Share the Wealth—Ruth Gaerig and Karen Fussell
50/50 winners—Ruth Szabo, Genevieve Palczynski, Virginia Maitland. Door prizes were also distributed.

 Respectfully submitted
Virginia Maitland, Secretary


WEB Editor's note: - Treasurer's Report amounts are not published on the Web - they can be found in your Winter issue of Shorelines

Checking $  
Savings $ $
Dues $  
Shorelines $  
Donation $  
Total Receipts   $
U.S. Post Office    
WAVES Nat.-Dues    
Total Expenses   -$
Ending Balance  
Checking $  
Savings $  
Ending Balance   $

Patricia Saint Amour, Treasurer


A “note” from our Treasurer…..

WAVES National is converting to permanent membership cards. The Executive Secretary says to be patient. As soon as members are processed and I receive the cards, I shall send them to you. If you have not yet paid your dues, please send as soon as possible!! (See renewal form in this issue.)

Patricia Saint Amour


Welcome Aboard !

Islia Mae (Townsend) Brandell
2296 Tomlinson Rd.
Mason,  MI  48854-9203

Islia served as a corporal in the Marines July 1944 -April 1946. She attended motor transport school. Her primary duty was at Quantico, VA.

Shirley Jane (Dean) Teasdale
835 Sherbourne
Inkster, MI 48141

Shirley served in the Navy (WAVES) July 1945-August 1946. She was a Y3C whose primary duty station was USNPSC, Memphis, Tenn.


CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Mary Ellen Stackpoole, 14030 Lakeside Blvd N Apt 306C, Shelby Township, MI 48315-6053 (586-566-4358)

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