Women of the Waves
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Women In Military Service for America (WIMSA) - Arlington National Cemetery - The Women In Military Service For America Memorial is a unique, living memorial honoring all military women - past, present & future.


All Navy Women's National Alliance
The All Navy Women's National Alliance, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the interests of active duty, reserve, retired, and veteran  Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine women. 


American Women in Uniform
Did you know that there are almost two million women veterans? From the American Revolution to Panama, Bosnia, Kosovo, and more, women have served in some way in every conflict. Not that they were legal in the early days. History tells us that thirty three thousand women served in World War One and almost 500,000 took part in World War Two. During the Korean era 120,000 women were in uniform and seven thousand were deployed in theater during Viet Nam. During Desert Storm seven per cent of the total U.S. forces deployed were women - over forty thousand of them. So on these pages you will find the history and accomplishments of those women who have served this country - voluntarily - since it's beginning.

Center for Women Veterans - Dept. of Veterans Affairs - The Center for Women Veterans assures that women veterans receive benefits and services on a par with male veterans, encounter no discrimination in their attempt to access these services, are treated with respect and dignity by VA service providers, and to act as the primary advisor to the Secretary for Veterans Affairs on all matters related to programs, issues, and initiatives for and affecting women veterans. 

Minerva Center
The MINERVA Center, Inc. is an educational and research 501(c)3 corporation for the study of women in war and women and the military.
The purpose of The MINERVA Center is to support women's military studies in the widest sense. Its perspective is diverse, and its activities are educational, not political.


The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter
The documentary The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter presents these women's experiences as they developed throughout the war years, and after, when the men came marching home.


The United States Navy
This is the World Wide Web site for official information about the United States Navy. There is a wealth of information in the Navy's Web site and much is updated as frequently as daily.


The United State Coast Guard
The U.S. Coast Guard is a military, multi-mission, maritime service. Operating within the Department of Transportation during peacetime, the Service falls under the direction of the Secretary of the Navy upon declaration of war or when the President directs.
Semper Paratus, Always Ready


The United State Marine Corps
The History and Museums Division (also links to the main U.S. Marines Web). This site provides a variety of information about the division and most importantly on the histories and traditions of the United States Marine Corps.


Veteran's History Project -  Library of Congress - Motivated by the urgent need to collect the stories and experiences of war veterans while they are still among us, the U.S. Congress created the Veterans History Project in October 2000.

....to honor the WOMEN PILOTS of WWII and to shine a light on their contributions to the history of United States military aviation: .Hear the songs, see the planes, check out the documents and photographs.


Women Marines Organization
A non-profit veterans association comprised of women who have served or are serving honorably in the United States Marine Corps
regular or reserve components.
  Women Military Home Page
Welcome to the Military Woman Home Page. This site is open for everyone's participation. We welcome your ideas for making this a useful site for women in the military, women contemplating military service, and women veterans.

Women at War -  WWII "Production Soldier"
The overwhelming success of the women "soldiers of production" at Redstone and Huntsville arsenals is substantiated by the fact that the Ordnance installation won the Army-Navy "E" Award five times during WWII, while the chemical manufacturing plant won the coveted award four times for its outstanding record in the production of war equipment.


WAVES National Inland Northwest Unit 140
All of the WN units in Washington, Oregon and Idaho are busy making plans for the upcoming convention in August. Each state will be responsible for one of the luncheons and will provide appropriate table decorations representing their state.


WAVES National Lake Superior Unit 41
Minnesota - Lake Superior Waves Unit #141 meet in Duluth, Minnesota.


WAVES National Michigan Unit 32
Women of the WAVES web site (the WAVES National web site womenofthewaves.com) was the born from the WAVES National Michigan Unit 32 newsletter "Shorelines" first.  Special THANKS to editor and a member of the WAVES since WWII, Dolores Maillette!


WAVES National Tidewater Tidal Waves Unit 152
Given the culture at the time the WAVES were first authorized, in July 1942, I have to admire the courage it took to step out against tradition and create a new tradition that has opened doors and broken down barriers for women all over the country. I find myself continually amazed by the feats of these women, and of those that followed. I am also proud, so very proud, to be counted among them.


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