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Linda Murphy | navywm1973~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Hi - anyone from Company 303 - Jan - Mar 73, I'd love to hear from you. I stuck it out for 20 and retired in 93. Fond memories.
27 April 2009 - Las Vegas, NV

Jane C. K | jckoschak~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Bainbridge MD 1965 to 1966 then to Greatlakes, then St Albans Hospital Long Island. Loved it all!!!
26 April 2009 - Guilford CT

Paula Hobren | paulalouise~AT~aol~DOT~com
My mother was a Wave in WWII stationed in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her name was Dona McDonald.
26 April 2009 - The Woodlands, Texas

Linda (prochak) hernandez | nina73~AT~zoominternet~DOT~net
went to boot camp orlando Jan 4, 1974
25 April 2009 - campbell Ohio

Grant Whitaker | grantwhitaker~AT~att~DOT~net
Looking for Ann Masick, we where in the Captains Office at NAS Norfolk in 1957-58. The unit was FAETUlant. I believe she lived in New York, don't know her married name.
25 April 2009 - Knoxville, TN

Richard Noel | ammessier~AT~nc~DOT~rr~DOT~com
Any one who started training 7 Dec 1953 at Bainbridge and graduated Feb 1954. I would like to hear from you. I believe it is 380th company, not sure, could anyone help?
21 April 2009 - Dannemora, New York

Erin Cooley Broedel | ebroedel~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Bootcamp Orlando Company K050
18 April 2009 - Mt Carmel Illinois

carol dilworth | lavergnecarol~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
i am a 7 yr navy veteran married to a 23 yr navy retiree and am looking for new friends as you can never have too many. happy days to all.
18 April 2009 - enid, ok

Iona M. Ortiz (Ham) | imo1940~AT~att~DOT~net
Still hoping that someone from RTC Bainbridge 1st division 11 company 59 will answer up. Maybe RCPO Jo Anne Hahn or A/RCPO Fran Huizar. DI was Chief Partridge.
16 April 2009 - El Paso Texas

Linda Bratten Brown | lindatc~AT~bellsouth~DOT~net
I joined in March of 1968 and was discharged in March of 1971. I went to boot camp at Bainbridge, MD. I spent most of my time at NAS Patuxant River, MD.
16 April 2009 - Valdosta, GA

Patricia Zaluski | inhisname1~AT~comcast~DOT~net
I attended boot camp at Bainbridge, MD. I joined August 5, 1971 and was the Regional Commander in the graduation ceremonies. I don't remember my Company number but our Company Commander was Karen Christiansen. I'm looking for others that was in my Company.
14 April 2009 - Bremerton, WA

John C. Matthews | swm1254~AT~earthlink~DOT~net
FYI, my mom was a WAVE in WWII as a Control Tower Operatoe in Pensecola, Fl. I made a shadow box with her dog tags and medals earned. Mom was proud to serve and mentioned often Thank you for this site and the memories that come back when I visit. John
13 April 2009 - West Columbia, SC 29170-3206

Barbara A White | Henryboxer~AT~verizon~DOT~net
Hey. looking for Alice Dowdy and Carmen from Hosp Corp School Great Lakes 1963, and gals from USNH Millington, 1964. I'd luv to hear from some of you or all of you from the good ole days.
13 April 2009 - Baltimore, Maryland

Kathy E. James | kathyejames~AT~comcast~DOT~net
Looking for fellow WAVES in Boot Camp Bainbridge MD Oct 1964-Dec 1964 Company 35-orginally from PA
11 April 2009 - Leominster,MA

Julie au Buchon | lotusdetectiveagency~AT~live~DOT~com
RTC Orlando May 1988 Company K073. RMA School San Diego, Cinclntflt Norfolk, NAS Bermuda. Any brothers/sisters welcome to contact me. Look me up under Lotus Detective Agency.
9 April 2009 - Oak Creek, WI

Marlene Riggs | marleneriggs~AT~att~DOT~net
I attended bootcamp in Orlando Fla from Jan 18 1974 and discharged from Navy Jan 18 1978. I was in company 063 , I still have boot camp group picture but lost Rudder book in fire that destroyed old family home. Would love to hear from anyone in that company. I recognize all the faces but can't remember names, except one girl named Deana who ended up in Millington TN in "A" school with me and then we lost touch, also a tall girl with red hair we called red. She ended up being the top of class and helping company commander. Would love to buy copy of Rudder company 063 1974
5 April 2009 - Jacksonville FLa

Frances Helen Lokey Phelps | flphelps12~AT~bellsouth~DOT~net
Entered Hunter college boot camp December'43. Mech school Norman Okla.--NATTC Memphis--Sound/motion school, Bainbridge--NAS Memphis--NAS Pensacola Discharged '47 AMM1c Recent Honor Flight to see WWII Memorial--fantastic
5 April 2009 - Wilsonville Al. 35186

Lisa Jameson-Clark-Dunphey | mrsejd~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
I went in bootcamp in 1977 stationed in Norfolk, whidbey island, pensacola, boston, new orleans. I miss my friends from active duty.
5 April 2009 - picayune, ms 39466

chris brady | steeplechase225~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
In her book,"Making Waves"author Louanne Johnson states she went to boot camp at Orlando in 1970.Im almost positive Waves werent sent to Orlando until at least about 1973 when they closed Bainbridge.Something doesnt quite add up.I once emailed her and she replied that she did.Anyone out there also went to RTC Orlando in 1970 instead of Bainbridge?
29 March 2009 - tampa ,fl

Charolette (Abbott) Brigham | blondrn~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Went to boot camp in June 1980, and finished in August 1980, Went to "A" school in NTTC Cory Station, "C" school at Goodfellow AFB, then was stationed in Rota for 2 years and the Roosevelt Roads for 2 years, outprocessed in Gulfport, MS, If I had it to do over, I would have stayed in and just changed jobs. (I hated what I did!) Wanted to be a HM but was convinced that Crypto was much better for now I am a nurse that works on a military base caring for our wounded service members.
28 March 2009 - Olympia, WA

Fred Hill | poppy_tops~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Just remembering friends from my Navy days. I was aboard The USS Yosemite at Newport Rhode Island. 1960-1962 I was a friend of Bobbie Sharp. She was a Wave stationed in Newport Rhode Island.
A very nice girl. Louisianna?
26 March 2009 - Covington, Kentucky

Doris Glass
RTW Bainbridge 1961, Company 3
CC was Chief Koesters
Stationed Norfolk NavSta as secretary to XO;transfer to Hawaiian Sea Frontier;then to CINCPAC as secretary to USAF General. Wish I had stayed in the Navy longer. There was so much to see and do. Sad to learn there are no more WAVES. I loved my uniforms, was so proud to wear them.
22 March 2009 - Kenosha, WI

Robin Beecher Brissey Goodwin | foldingarms~AT~shoreham~DOT~net
Basic: RTC Orlando, Company 3077, July - September 1976 (ET1 Sandra Cantu was Company Commander)
ACC for Bluejacket Choir, Orlando RTC: October 76 - April 77
AZ 'A' School: summer 1977
VA-174 Cecil Field: July 77 - 80
Discharged as AZ2
Looking for Karen Henton, Chuck, Ollie and Steve (Orlando); Amos Macleod (VA-174 Logs & Records)
15 March 2009 - Hubbardton, Vermont

Dorris (Watson) Jaquysh ' Arkansas | djaquysh~AT~Austin~DOT~rr~DOT~com
Bootcamp Bainbridge, Md. Co. 36-69 Yeoman Holland Co. Commander. On to VT-29 Corpus Christi, Tx. Looking for others that I served with in bootcamp and were stationed in Tx. around same time.
13 March 2009 - Leander, Tx.

Carol (Butler) Fish | caroljeanfish~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Me again. I just realized I put the wrong year down for the date I attended boot camp. I attended boot camp in Bainbridge MD in December 1962, not 1961.
11 March 2009 - Vancouver, WA

Michael D. Tipsword | tippy24~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Seeking info on Violet M. Nelson, aka "Nell" stationed at Pearl Harbor during th attack in '41. She was engaged to my great uncle, Keith W. Tipsword,. stationed aboard the USS West Virginia (keith perished in the attack). Any info would be greatly appreciated.
4 March 2009 - Champaign, IL

Carol (Butler) Fish | caroljeanfish~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Attended boot camp at Bainbridge December 1961 (Co 41), Class A Yeoman School at Bainbridge and then stationed in Washington D.C. Was a member of Waves National in Cedar Rapids, IA (disbanded). Pround to have participated in military rites at veterans funerals in Anamosa, IA, now live in the state of Washington. I am very proud of my military service and proud of all those who have served and are presently serving.
2 March 2009 - Vancouver, WA

Frank FitzGerald | phrankfitz~AT~comcast~DOT~net
Aileen T Aylward who worked at the Hydrographic Office, passed away yesterday. Aileen enlistd in Boston and died in Sacramento CA at the age of 87.
2 March 2009 - Middleton

Lonni Norton | lonni_3377~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Went to bootcamp in Bainbridge in June/July 1968, MMA, WAVE barracks July/68-Aug. 68. Yeoman/Personnel "A" School, Aug/Sept. '68. Transferred to NAVSTA, WASHDC Oct/68, where I worked at the Navy Yard(Public Works). From there was transferred to NASPAXRIVMD, in March 1969. Discharged in Sept. 1970.
1 March 2009 - Huntersville, NC

Cynthia Malone | c_malone65~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
I went to bootcamp in Orlando FL. I was in company K036, I went during the months of Jan - Mar 1984.
28 February 2009 - Fredericksburg, Va.

Ginny Rooney | ginroon~AT~verizon~DOT~net
I was YN3 Cade in Reserve Company 6-R in Bainbridge in 1968. Company Commander was YN1 Patsy Holland. Anyone out there remember?
27 February 2009 - Phoenixville, PA

Wursthorn, Gale J. | navygj~AT~sbcglobal~DOT~net
Just mailed my application for membership
27 February 2009 - Cleveland, OH

Janet (Ackerly) (McBlair) (Zane) (Cooke) | exnavywave~AT~msn~DOT~com
Co. 3436 Orlando '73. C.C. SK2 M.E. Ponder. We were the last of the WAVES Ladies. Let's represent
25 February 2009 - cedar rapids IA

Cynthia (Winder) Sullivan (PC) | gagirl1256~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
I went to bootcamp in Orlando 1977, company 3050. i would like to find some of my fellow shipmates. I would like to find some of my navy friends stationed with me in GITMO 1977-1978 and Naples Italy 1978-1980
22 February 2009 - Orange Park, Florida

Christine Carroll Deliz | me~AT~chrinamint~DOT~com
K052, March-May 1984, CCs ASE2 Brooks & ACC Lammers. Looking for just about everyone. We have a little group of us on Face Book. Please look for my page and then you can join us!
22 February 2009 - Birmingham, AL

Dorris (Watson) Jaquysh | DJaquysh~AT~Austin~DOT~RR~DOT~com
Company 36-69 Bainbridge, Md. Yeoman Holland company commander. Want to hear from other fellow recruits.
19 February 2009 - Leander, Tx. 78641

Margaret (McLucas) Tetlow
Congratulations on your website! Wonderful history!
17 February 2009

16 February 2009

Mary F Goodenough | mhfg94~AT~bellsouth~DOT~net
USN 82-87 Boot Camp w/Ellie Serna, Company K052. Grad. April 82. Mary Faulkner then. Looking for all my sisters. E-mail me. Would love to hear from all of you.
14 February 2009 - Fayetteville, Tn

Suzanne DeGraw McMurray | MsBulli~AT~aol~DOT~com
Hi I went to boot camp in Orlando in 1974 and then PN "A" School after which I held duty at the Twentieth Naval Construction Regiment, Gulfport, MS until Feb. 1978
10 February 2009 - Beaufort, SC

Vivian L. Gray | jameserichsen~AT~sbcglobal~DOT~net
Hi I was at Baimbridge in February. 1963 then went to San Diego,for dental school, from there I was sent to Millington,Tn. When a niece by marriage ask where I went to boot camp was I surprised to hear there was no such place any more.
10 February 2009 - Hot Springs, Arkansas

Valarie ( Lee ) Hoover | vallee22~AT~msn~DOT~com
Looking for anyone with photos and/or yearbook from RTC Orlando training unit 3062. I never received my yearbook or photos and wonder if someone that has one could scan and send at least my bootcamp photo. Thanks.
8 February 2009 - Goodview, Virginia

Betty J Miller | gemgabb~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
I served from 4/62 to 65 and after bootcamp at Bainbridge MD, I was stationed at NAS Alameda, CA. When I was discharged, I was a PN3. I married a sailor (Pearson) and after a divorce I returned my name back to Miller. I signed this book in 2006 and resigned it with a current email address.
7 February 2009 - Reading, PA

Theodora | neej~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Entered Nov 1970 Bainbridge MD Company 14. CC DK Bates. Personnel Office with Chief Cronin.
31 January 2009 - Bemidji, MN

gayle hagenbush kintigh | nanamine~AT~comcast~DOT~net
was at boot camp in June of 1968 graduated from PN Phenstermachers company. looking for members of that company.
28 January 2009 - goshen, indiana

Diane Hallett
Served USN 4/75 - 1/96
26 January 2009

Mary Louise (Plumley) Osberg | brcntry~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Boot Camp Bainbridge from Sept thru Dec. 1962----was stationed Nattc Nas Mfs, Tn. after graduation. Any one out there from those times? Married a Marine at Millington --full Military wedding--many names remembered--check WAVES Forum.
25 January 2009 - Milan, Illinois

Carol Jones Olavessen | colavessen~AT~aol~DOT~com
I was at WAVE OCS Newport RI in the fall of 1969- I am interested in learning about anyone who was in that class especially April Mohr, Pat Newill, and Sandy Kennedy. I would love to hear from anyone from that time. Carol Jones Olavessen
25 January 2009 - Millington, TN

Lorrie Dankemeyer (Burns) | lad2333~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Looking for some women I was stationed with at the lagging shop at San Diego 32nd st Naval Station
25 January 2009 - Nekoosa, Wi

Linda (Price) Turnis | lindaturnis~AT~gmail~DOT~com
I just heard about this organization, didn't know it existed. I served active for 3 years 1966-1969. Went to bootcamp in Banibridge, MD Company 12, graduated July 1966, then stayed in Bainbridge for 1 year then transferred to NAS NORIS North Island, Coronado, CA for 2 years. In 1987 joined U.S. NAVY RESERVES in Dubuque, IA For 8 years, wish now I would have stayed in long enough to retire.
23 January 2009 - Magnolia, TX

20 January 2009 - TAYLOR , MICHIGAN

Martha Rodoni-Dent | mlrm70~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Went to Bootcamp in Orlando FL, Feb 1975, company 3202. Was stationed at NAS Norfolk VA. Would love to hear from anyone that remembers me.
9 January 2009 - Santa Cruz CA

Hannah | hgyoung~AT~syr~DOT~edu
My name is Hannah and I am currently a graduate student at Syracuse University studying documentary film. For my thesis project, I am going to do a film on women who served in the WAVES. My grandmother was a WAVE and I will be putting her in the film but I would like to find three more women willing to be in a short documentary capturing the stories and experiences of the WAVES. I am waiting to be accepted into the forum where I will post this message again but if you are interested at all, please email me at Thank you.
7 January 2009 - Syracuse, NY

Alma Mcknight | almamcknight~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Good day ladies!
I am wondering if i would be able to speak to any one of you, or both of you. I am doing a project at school and it has to do with women being deployed while serving. I am a veteran myself who got deployed a couple of times and I would like to speak to a WAVES veteran. Thakn you for your time!
5 January 2009 - Marysville, WA

Sandy Lail | sandyd~AT~carolina~DOT~rr~DOT~com
I am trying to find out if my deceased mother joined the WAVES back in the 40's. Are there records?
4 January 2009 - Charlotte, NC

Lynn Zerr | lartravels~AT~verizon~DOT~net
Boot camp RTC Orlando, May - July 1974 Company 3104, CC Barrose
CTT "A" school, Corry Field, Pensacola, Fl.
Would love to hear from old shipmates! Proud to have served.
4 January 2009 - Wernersville, PA

frances (frankie) Galante Cela | stovechamp~AT~aol~DOT~com
stationed at chars. naval hosp. Installed IBM for hosp. Chief Hill was my boss.
Lived at old Office Barracks. I would like anyone who knew me get in touch. especially Pat Urban.
4 January 2009 - dayton, Ohio

Yolanda L. Goodson | goodsonyl~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Hello. I am trying to find more information about LTjg Harriet Ida Pickens and Ensign Frances Wills. Would you please help me locate a book or where to find more biographical information about the two? Thank you.
21 December 2008 - Atlanta, GA

Jean L Roberts-Houle, LCDR NC, retired | jhoule48~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
I was in Co 7 Sep-Nov 71 in Bainbridge, then to RM "A&C" school, Brunswick,Me and Groton CT. got out, went to nursing school, stayed in reserves, then commissioned in Feb 1983, served 16 yrs as a Navy nurse, retired LCDR in 1999. Would love to hear from anyone. Still have our company picture so we could id each other.
17 December 2008 - Carbondale IL

Jeanne Lane | montanamoons~AT~msn~DOT~com
My name is Jeanne Lane Moon now. I was in USN 1971-1974. Joined with my good friend Jane Medlin on the "buddy plan". We were in Company 30 at Bainbridge spring of 71. That was the last we served together! We ended up on opposite coasts. After A school (PN) in San Diego, I spent my active duty in Washington DC - Pentagon and BUPERS. A large group of us lived off base together. Lots of 'life lessons' aquired there! It would be fun to hear from all you "back in the day" folks.
17 December 2008 - Missoula, MT

Steve Watson ENCM USN Ret | swatson9~AT~commspeed~DOT~net
My sister (Anne Watson) retired from the Navy. She was a WAVE.
16 December 2008 - Cottonwood, AZ

Vivian E Frazier (KENT) | azynkvf~AT~aol~DOT~com
I am trying to find WAVES of WW2 that were among the FIRST to arrive at Hunter for their training. There are some really interesting stories there that need to be told.
15 December 2008 - Chandler, Az

Sandra (Bough) Foster | szfoster~AT~zoomtown~DOT~com
Attended bootcamp at RTC, Orlando from August 1993-October 1993. Member of Co. I122. Looking for any shipmates who were with me. Served two years with Beachmaster Unit One, Coronado, CA. Also looking for shipmates from BMU1.
13 December 2008 - Springfield, Ohio

Margaret Nehring | maggie_nehring~AT~chs~DOT~net
I was a Hospital Corpswave at Camp Pendleton, CA in 1966 and 1967.
My maiden name was "Miesse".
Most people knew me by my nickname "Maggie".
I would love to hear from those that were stationed there during that time.
9 December 2008 - Nashville,TN

just looking for women organizations that changed American look on women during WWII. thought this would be perfect for my paper. Thanks
5 December 2008 - baltimore MD

Jane Ciel | janeciel~AT~verizon~DOT~net
I trained in Orlando in 1973, Company 3045. I served as a Journalist in South Texas, and my daughter was born at Corpus Christi Naval Hospital in 1975. I went to college on GI Bill and worked as a journalist for many years. I would love to hear from old Navy friends.
1 December 2008 - Long Beach, CA & Las Vegas, NV

Bill Bowman | billbowman~AT~earthlink~DOT~net
Still looking for Lenore Wimberly, Personnelman A School. Orlando, Florida. 69-70. Would love to connect again.
30 November 2008 - Cumberland, Maryland

Jordan B. | gabrielle0215~AT~bellsouth~DOT~net
Thank you for all the information provided on this website. I am actually using WAVES as an powerpoint presentation. This will help a lot. THANKS
23 November 2008 - Lithonia, GA

Shelly DeGroodt Langston | shellypopstar~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Boot camp Oct-Dec 75. Would love to hear from anyone who was in Orlando at that time.
21 November 2008 - Columbia, SouthCarolina

Jan (Rittner) Weatherly | flashswoman~AT~gmail~DOT~com
RTC Orlando June 73 to July 1973 Co 3086 CC was AK2 Christian
NTC Corry Station CTR A School Sept 73-Dec 73
NSGA Misawa January 1974 to October 1975
NSGA Homestead November 1975 to May 1977
Discharged as CTR2 31May1977
Proud to have served and prouder still that my son is now serving as well, ATA3. Would love to talk with anyone I served with.
19 November 2008 - Toledo OH

Debra | debra~DOT~stacy~AT~navy~DOT~mil
VietNam era vet, hospital corpsman, operating room technician, trained with the FMF. Stationed in SanDiego, Long Beach, Meridian, MS and Sigonella Sicily. Back when I enlisted the women in the Navy really were called "waves".
19 November 2008 - Virginia Beach, VA

Julie Ann Connell | waganma56~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
My training group in Orlando FL from 08Aug74 was the last group issued the WAVE uniform. I was in Company 3137. I never knew we had an association. I love it. my last name was Hebert when I was in boot camp
19 November 2008 - Marysville, WA

Geraldine Clemons | glcemons~AT~nvcc~DOT~edu
Frances, miss you. May you rest in peace.
18 November 2008 - Alexandria, Va 22312

Tanisha Everett | duchessmccray~AT~gmail~DOT~com
I forgot to add that I was in company I-156 in Orlando, FL from Aug 1994- Oct 1994. In Naval Corpsman A School Great Lakes, Il Oct 1994- Mar 1995 and Surgical Tech School, Bethesda, MD Mar 1995- Sept 1995.
17 November 2008 - Houston, TX

Brandy Ryan (Schrader) | brandy~DOT~ryan~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Boot camp in Orlando July 1994
A school in Millington, TN
Now a disabled vet, but life is still good. Love what the military taught me in the short time I served. Love what the military does for the people of this country.
My grattitude to all who serve or have served.
17 November 2008 - Tavares, FL

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